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Bao tay Tiger Đen ( Tiger®-X Glove )


Thông tin :

New Tiger-X gloves are made with the combination of high quality Lycra on top of the glove, Mesh and Suede inside the palm area for better feel & grip (all in black). All of the fingers are open to get the best feel of the table. Fingers are stitched like a real glove with two part stitching to make sure you get the most comfortable slick feel and feedback.

Velcro is used to adjust the tightness around your wrist. This particular Lycra material is one of the best in the world, known for its  durability while allowing your hand breath. It will allow you play long hours without a worry of sweating.

At the moment it only comes for right handed players from small to extra-large. One reclosable plastic bag is included with every Tiger-X glove purchase.

Văn phòng : 67 Đường Tân Lập 2, Phường Hiệp Phú, Quận 9, TP.HCM

Hotline : 0933.214.280 – 028.37305.991